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Leigh Flayton served as Editor-In-Chief of Arrive for over a decade, transforming the magazine into a culturally relevant must-read, and showcasing cover features from Michelle Obama and Patti Smith to Amy Poehler, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill Clinton. In addition, she has extensive experience in content marketing, brand development, film & television production, and more. As a writer, she has contributed to The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Salon, The Huffington Post, LENNY and Refinery29, among other publications. Some favorite topics include arts and entertainment, culture and politics. 

Leigh is also a playwright, and in May 2015, Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City hosted a reading of her play, The Generator, as part of its TONGUES reading series. In January 2018, Too Close to Home was presented in an industry reading and starred two-time Tony winner Judith Light (Transparent) in the lead role. The play is directed by Andy Sandberg and is currently in development. 

Philanthropy, education and the plight of refugees are special interests of Leigh's, as well. In 2005, she worked on a project in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya on behalf of the Arizona Lost Boys Center. The following year, she established The Bohemia Foundation, whose mission is to help refugees and impoverished children receive an education. In 2014, she became a senior advisor to the CEO of To The Market Survivor-Made Goods. Leigh lives in New York City.